Top Rated Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles

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Strong, Secure and super-efficient, the Bellemain Stainless Steel Lemon Press may be simple to make use of, clean and store … proving that the most straightforward designs are simply the most productive.

Juices Lemons and Limes to the Last Drop
With one powerful plier motion, the nesting bowls squeeze each little bit of juice out of your lemon or lime; unlike reamers which force you to dig around and around, and still now not get it all. The juice falls straight down onto your food, as a substitute of squirting sideways. Or even the tiniest seeds and bits of pith are trapped within the bowl.

Food-Secure 18/10 Stainless Steel
The Bellemain Stainless Steel Lemon Press is product of the similar top of the range alloy as eating utensils, and would possibly not rust, scratch, pit or crack. It would possibly not leach toxins into your food like plastic and aluminum can do. Plus, it is solid-cast for strength to provide you with a few years of reliable use.

Comfortable Silicone Handles
The soft silicone is helping cushion your hands and soak up pressure, so you’ll be able to squeeze enough lemons to make a quart of lemonade with out getting tired or sore. Cleaning the Bellemain is equally effort-free: just put it within the dishwasher.

Order now and Do not Miss Out! Make the most of our one hundred% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.
If for any explanation why you are not completely satisfied, go back your Lemon Press for a No Questions Asked Full Refund. ”

SUPERIOR STRENGTH FOR PROFESSIONAL SQUEEZING: Say hello to the most productive manual juicer on Amazon. We devised the optimal bowl size, and added reinforced hinges, thick casting and powerful levers-in a position for workhorse squeezing marathons, so you are ready, too.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: No one likes arthritic pangs from poorly designed juicers. Your hands will never run out of juice when the usage of our thickly formed, silicone-bonded handles. They retain your grip strong and steady more than some other manual juicer on Amazon.
STAINLESS STEEL PERFECTION: Enamel, aluminium or plastic juicers may well be excellent for beginners in search of a single press, but you must demand more than something that chips or breaks after extended use. Bellemain juicers are 18/10 stainless-steel so your juicer looks the similar at the 100th day of constructing lemonade because it did on day 1-etch-free, rust-free, and easily marvelous.
EASY TO WASH: Want a few citrus for that salad? Wish to tang up your company’s steak or concoct the easiest seed-free refreshment? Use the juicer that helps to keep going..and going-give it a snappy rinse between uses and if you end up done toss it within the dishwasher, no worries.
OUR EXCLUSIVE “one hundred% NO-LEMON” GUARANTEE: Bellemain juicers are made to resist years of professional use with out aging an afternoon. But in case you are now not in love with it for no matter what explanation why, we’re going to provide you with an entire replacement or refund-no questions asked.


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