Let’s be honest, in this day and age it takes a lot of resources for a lone person to venture out, drop a pile of money on products, and haul them back home to review them on a daily basis. It would be rather misleading for me to say that I have the funds to achieve that kind of lifestyle.

However, my goal is to provide an easier method for customers to decide whether or not a product is worth purchasing.

By scavenging the internet for product reviews, I will provide objective summaries of the pros and cons of each product. It is my belief that by looking at all of the reviews on a product as a collective and compiling their common trends into a list of pros and cons, that I can provide readers with more accurate information on a product in a more simpler format than if they were searching through individual reviews.

With my method, I will help you cut out the time and effort it takes to go through a pile of reviews and discern which ones are worth taking into consideration.

Here are some of the reasons why I believe my method will help you more in the long-term:

  1. Popular products on E-commerce sites can have thousands of reviews to sift through. My job is to look at all of these reviews and objectively determine the important points so that you don’t have to.
  2. A lot of reviews are written after the customer had just purchased the product and doesn’t take into account how the product wears after a month or even a year. I will seek out reviews made long-after the product was bought so that you know for sure whether or not a product is worth investing your money into.
  3. Some companies will pay people to positively review their products or to negatively review their competitor’s products in order to affect sales. I will check both the positive and negative reviews on a product for consistency and try to determine which information is more accurate so that you aren’t scammed into buying a product based on fake reviews.

My goal for this website is to simplify the searching process on product reviews and to assist you in finding the products that will best suit your needs as a consumer. It is my objective to provide the most accurate information on a product in an easy-to-read format to save you both your time and money where it matters.